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WTO, Genf

The headquarters of World Trade Organization WTO is located in Geneva, and it is engaged in both commercial and economic relations. The Stuttgart architects Wittfoth Architekten have planned the extension which is connected with the old building via an overhead crossing. All visitors are received in a central lobby, from which all areas are accessible. This extension is comprised of the earthbound plinth area in the foyer, restaurant and exhibition space as well as the elevated perched glass structure.


All of the business administration and office areas are equipped with System 3400. The all-glass system requires no vertical steel posts, which ensures that the office spaces appear light, transparent and timeless. The interiors of the glass partition walls contain integrated curtains, that harmonise with the carpets and, if required, blinds are provided.


Projectdocumentation (PDF_3,1 MB)

Builder World Trade Organisation WTO, Geneva
Architect Wittfoht Architekten, Stuttgart
Photographie Brigida Gonzàlez
Partition systems 3400

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