Siemens, Vienna

A campus which fosters communications and is geared to work and research, where solutions are found to the problems of tomorrow – this is Siemens City, Siemens’ new corporate headquarters in Vienna for 6,000 employees. Openness, a focus on the future and creativity are the features of the vibrant new culture which is reflected in the architecture. 
The solutions provided by Strähle are a key contributing factor in this future-focused work environment with its cutting-edge office facilities. Corridor partition walls, glass door elements, office partition walls and “glass cubes” for meetings all bespeak transparency and flexibility, as does the building as a whole. Throughout the building, the integrated flush-mounted absorber systems provide pleasant room acoustics.

Builder Siemens AG
Architect Soyka / Silber / Soyka, Vienna
Photographie Erwin Schefstoss
Partition systems 2000
Accessory systems 7000

Other projects

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