Quartier Belvedere Central 2

The heart of the new Quartier Belvedere, the Quartier Belvedere Central (QBC) offers future-focused, cosmopolitan companies a workspace with state-of-the-art infrastructure and fixtures. Its tenants’ office units were designed using Inside’s System 2300 structural glazing partition walls. The use of tinted glass creates an interesting reflection of the Vienna skyline on the glass elements on sunny days. At the same time, the glass ensures greater privacy and thus greater discretion in office and meeting rooms.


The black anodised profiles and the black in the tinted glass create a strong contrast to the solid doors and wall panelling in Kendal oak. System 2300 has a mirrored glass look with impressively high sound insulation. Its highly flexible, modular design is based on the patented Strähle system stand with integrated suspension device.


Builder UBM Development AG
Photograph Michael Hedl.objektiv gesehen
Partition system 2300 
Door system 64mm solid doors, all-glass doors

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