Grand Central, DB Netz AG

GRAND CENTRAL is being built right next to Frankfurt’s central station on Hafenstrasse as the first stage of a development project in the area. Two seven-storey office buildings will house the new headquarters of rail network operator DB Netz AG, with office space for some 2,200 employees. Construction on the 45,290 m² of rental space and 783 underground parking spaces took three years. The top six storeys of office space have feature state-of-the-art design to accommodate different types of work. Work stations, meeting spaces and, crucially, spaces that encourage communication all form part of this differentiated office design.

Colour played a key role in the design. A total of six colours feature on the walls, upholstered furniture, the films used on the glass partitions and the lettering. Strähle’s all-glass System 2000 walls highlight the elegance and ease reflected in the interior design. The partition consists of an internal patented system stand with variable planking options. Finished with a flush glass look, it creates a sense of light elegance. The slim design and rigidity allows for generous spacing. Like all Strähle systems, this one is modular and quick to assemble.

Builder PHOENIX-Gruppe und Groß & Partner
Architect Jo. Franzke, Neumann
Photograph Stephan Falk
Partition system 2000

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