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Drees & Sommer, Basel

The System 2000 eco presented by Strähle is the first partition wall system "Made in Germany" to be certified according to the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. It has now been erected in the new offices of Drees & Sommer at their premises in Basel. With the aim of further expanding their range of international services for project management, consulting and engineering, Drees & Sommer now employ a staff of more than 140 in Switzerland.


System 2000 eco with black anodised profiles was used for the conference rooms in the open office areas. Black anodised all-glass doors made of 10-mm toughened glass support the flush-fit of the front-flush glass partition wall. The double-glazed elements with 6-mm and 8-mm toughened glass achieve a sound insulation value of Rv,P 47 dB.


In order to comply with the C2C principle, all of the materials were identified and their toxicological characteristics analysed. Furthermore, proof of energy input, the amount of water used and its quality, and the adherence to social principles all had to be provided for the manufacturing processes. With this new product line, Strähle Raum-Systeme is satisfying the growing demand from the construction and real-estate industry for zero-wastage recycling management. 


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Builder Drees & Sommer SE
Architect Nissen Wentzlaff Architekten BSA SIA AG, Basel
Photographie Marc Eggimann
Partition systems System 2000eco

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