Kubus II

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Kubus II

Product information

Retreat, conference room, think tank: Strähle room-in-room systems create new rooms in open spaces. The high-quality and stylish optics of the System T with its wood mullion/transom construction is achieved using the contrast between the wooden surfaces and the glazing. The flush-fit glazing and the narrow visible width of the aluminium mullion substructure contribute to the elegant design. The comfort features of the Kubus II system, starting from soundproofing and room acoustics to ventilation and cooling, are the same as those of the Kubus II.

Technical Data

  • Design: Modular cube with double glazing in aluminium glass look
    Dimensions: L: 2,445 / 3,625 mm; W: 3,000 mm; H: 2,330 mm
  • Wall thickness: 100 mm
  • Glazing: 6 and 8 mm toughened glass
  • Door: 40 mm aluminium framed door
  • Control: Touch display to control lighting and ventilation (optional cooling)
  • Ventilation: Steplessly adjustable comfortable operation up to 300 m3/h, integrated in system ceiling
    Cooling (optional): Comfort cooling device in sideboard for connection to the building's system or independent operation via electrical cold-water exchanger on Kubus ceiling

Sound insulation

  • Sound insulation: Norm sound level difference Dn,T,w = 36 dB (equivalent to R’ w = 42 dB)
  • Room acoustics: Micro-perforated absorber integrated in solid wall and ceiling

Fire protection



  • Very good reusability and recyclability
  • Materials can be easily separated (disassembly, recycling)
  • Materials can be recycled after the use phase
  • Harmless main materials: glass, aluminum, steel, wood materials

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Technical Details




L: 2.445 mm (2 Modules)/ B: 3.000 mm/ H: 2.330 mm


Double glazing, 6 and 8 mm ESG


40 mm aluminium frame with 12 mm VSG-S

Sound Isolation

Dn,T,w = 36 dB (equivalent to R’w of approx. 42 dB)


Micro-perforated ceiling panels and micro-perforated wall absorbers, low reverberation times of < 0.5 s over the entire frequency range


Ventilation and air extraction device integrated into the system ceiling, output in comfort mode up to 150 m³/h, intensive ventilation up to 300 m³/h


Wall panel for affixing screens, optional sideboard providing storage space with integrated power points


LED pendant light with direct and indirect light distribution

Standard version

Type A: Lighting + ventilation. On/off control via presence detector

Optional equipment

Type B: Lighting + ventilation. On/off and venilation + cooling for connection to the building‘s cold-tilation control via touch display, automatic mode via presence detector.

Ceiling construction Kubus II
Floor construction Kubus II
Kubus II Team Layout
Kubus II Meeting Layout

Case studies


System Kubus I und Kubus II

Project cubes.