Door mechanics

Sound insulation/ Access control/ Emergency exit function
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One door, many functions

Doors in office buildings fulfil a number of different functions depending on their location and use: sound insulation, fire or smoke protection, emergency exit, access control, automation and convenience functions. Strähle provides doors for each system that fulfil a wide variety of different functions and fit seamlessly into the appearance.

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Sound insulation

All doors by Strähle conform with the requirements for sound insulation in office buildings. The doors have different sound insulation values depending on the construction and design.

Solid doors up to 42 dB Rwp (SSK III) Aluminium frame door up to 42 dB Rwp (SSK II) Flush-bonded glazing door up to 45 dB Rwp (SSK III) Fire protection door up to 37 dB Rwp (SSK II)

Acces control

Security is a sensitive topic, particularly in office buildings. Access control systems guarantee highly flexible management of access rights. There are various systems available for our aluminium frame doors, flush-bonded glazing doors and solid doors, all of which can be implemented in a number of different variants depending on the frame construction.

Emergency exit function

Emergency doors ensure that occupants can leave the building safely in an emergency. Strähle doors can be equipped as emergency exit doors with panic fittings in accordance with EN 179 or EN 1125, as well as with locking in accordance with EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors).

Panic fittings in accordance with EN 179: Fittings are levers or push pads. To minimise the risk of injury, the free end of the lever points towards the surface of the door panel. The fittings can be in the form of a handle or a handle/knob set, depending on the function. They have to conform with usual panic locks. 

Panic fittings in accordance with EN 1125: Push-bars are fitted in the direction of flight (outwards) which enable the doors to be opened quickly and safely in the event of a dangerous situation, even if there is a large crowd of people.

Emergency exit locking in accordance with EltVTR: Locking an escape route which is only to be used in an emergency must be in accordance with EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors). Electrical locking is always installed in addition to mechanical locks – i.e. not opposite the lock latch. The locking mechanisms used by Strähle are equipped with an emergency exit door opener which uses the quiescent circuit principle in conjunction with a latch lock or an additional locking element outside the latch. The escape route control and the electrical lock must be coordinated with one other and installed close to the door.

Blocking system for smoke and fire protection doors

The law requires that smoke and fire protection doors remain closed at all times. Doors which are intended to remain open for reasons of convenience are equipped with a blocking system. This guarantees that in the event of a fire, the section on fire is sealed off and smoke protection is ensured. The blocking system generally consists of at least one fire alarm, a trigger mechanism, a blocking mechanism and the necessary supply of energy. 

Integrated systems based on door closers: The door is kept open by means of an electromechanical blocking mechanism in the sliding rail and can be opened to an angle of between 80 and 120 degrees. The doors can be closed by hand with ease. For double-leaf fire doors, the door closing sequence selector is integrated into the continuous sliding rail. The smoke detection panel is fitted in the sliding rail or on the other side of the lintel. Other external smoke alarms can be connected to the object if required.

Automatic swing door drive

The electrohydraulic drives are installed anywhere where comfort and assistance in opening a door are desired and where barrier-free access through heavy door elements is required. The fitting depends on the type of door, as the required drive systems depend on the weight of the door panel and the intended use.

Self-closing smoke protection function

In the event of a fire, smoke protection doors prevent smoke or gases from spreading through a building. According to the DIN norm, the smoke protection door must be able to prevent smoke from passing for a period of around ten minutes. Depending on the design, Strähle offers a number of single-leaf (RS-1) smoke protection doors which conform with this standard. Depending on the system used, aluminium frame doors, flush-bonded glazing doors and solid doors are available.