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The Strähle Centre –

Experience modern workplaces


Our daily work is to develop tailor-made interior solutions for our customers that fulfil the requirements of a modern working environment. Our own working environment is also designed to the highest standards: it‘s where we work, and it‘s also the location of our ”Space Unlimited“ exhibition. This is where we make modern office concepts come to life in a very special way. From the multi-space office to open room solutions, we use our partition wall, room-in-room and acoustic systems to show what an optimum contemporary working environment can look like. Our ”Space Unlimited“ in Waiblingen and Borkheide are open for clients, contractors, architects and planners to view as inspirational sources of information. You can convince yourself personally of the freedom of design, the high architectural standards and the acoustic effectiveness of our room solutions.


Come and visit us. We look forward to seeing you.

Showroom Waiblingen

Team offices: short distances, healthy environment

The workplace of the future is communicative and so flexible that each individual can do their job in the most effective way. When we were designing the levels, our focus was on the well-being of our staff, because a good working environment enhances health and efficiency. Open and closed office areas and room-in-room systems for meetings provide a varied office environment that is fit for purpose and provides the suitable space for any work situation. All team offices are acoustically optimised so that even if there is a conversation going on at the next desk, it is still possible to concentrate on the work in hand. Adjustable-height desks and Strähle organisation systems integrated into the partition walls enable scope for shaping the workspace individually.

Acoustics workshop: experience sound insulation and acoustics

The Acoustic Workshop in Waiblingen is both a showroom and a training centre. In an area of over 400 square metres, we present an architecturally sophisticated office scene with single, shared and open-space offices as well as room-in-room solutions. Experience the effect that sound-absorbing and sound-insulating measures have on the room and building acoustics in exemplary room situations. Clients, contractors, acousticians and architects can compare different sound insulation values and reverberation times and gain helpful knowledge for their projects.

Open Space.

With its glass acoustic wall, Strähle displays a view of the future of interior design. We were the first company in Germany to be awarded the DGNB Certificate for interiors for redesigning open office spaces, and we demonstrate how sustainable interior design can be realised. When we design and apply our interior solutions, we take all aspects of sustainable building into account: ecology, economy, social aspects, technology and processes. From manufacture to recycling. The result is a communicative, modern world of work that provides different spaces for different tasks. In order to do justice to the wide variety of communication requirements, room-in-room systems were included as retreat areas. An open lounge area invites spontaneous exchanges of ideas.

Skyoffice: a wide range of uses

Both beautiful and spacious, the Skyoffice with its far-reaching view of the vineyards around Waiblingen is fascinating. The Skyoffice is a multifunctional conference room created to the highest standards. It is the venue for training courses exhibitions for a large number of people, also for conference and meeting settings. The different versions of partition wall systems, intelligent connections to façades, floors and ceilings, doors with sound-proofing, integrated technology, air conditioning, in a range of materials, are all examples of future work and modern interior design.